As the world gets more complicated to manage, it is imperative that we create SPACE for ourselves to rest, reclaim and refuel. Travel in our contemporary times is more than 2-week vacations, once per year; they are opportunities to heal and schedule in self-care, recalibration, and engage the world as global citizens. T. Barnes Global lifestyle and the Mwasi Global Community understands this global change in travel culture and is leading the way in providing easy access to the world for our new nomadic lifestyles through our real estate project SPACE. Our global SPACE homes are partnered with owners around the world that open their home to our community of travelers. Mwasi refurbs these spaces to meet the global standard paired with the Mwasi standard for high quality, unique rentals. The SPACE properties not only allow for accessible getaways, but they act as a refuge and opportunity to engage with the local communities, providing new experiences, and comfortable access to the world.

The Mwasi Space house in Accra services study abroad students, groups, families and travelers in Ghana by providing housing that meet the standards of the west, in structure, decor and amenities. Each Mwasi Space property is equipped with full time cooks and housekeepers. Our cooks serve both breakfast and dinners daily. Our housekeepers clean daily and change bedding every 2 days or by request. Our homes provide house managers so guests and students feel safe, protected and comfortable.


SPACE, a collection of weekly homes rentals, available in a growing number of countries, with a concentration in Ghana, West Africa, created as a movement more than a business, an opportunity to break from our stressful lives in the West and allow ourselves a moment to understand who we are in different environments, to explore Africa, the culture, tradition and contemporary life. It is an opportunity to travel in groups or with families, without the financial strain and guilt.

Here is what you should know:

1. The homeowners have offered what is often their family legacy up to this community of travelers and in turn, our community MUST CARE FOR THESE HOMES AS IF THEY ARE OUR OWN.

2. SPACE houses are NOT VILLAS. Although beautifully decorated, they are located in local neighborhoods and offer an opportunity to experience and engage the local community.

3. SPACE properties are booked from Monday-Sunday. (6 night stay) The site will only allow you to check in on a Monday and out on a Sunday.

4. Each home has 48 weeks open for booking. Booking is automated and on a first come first serve basis. When you know your week, book it immediately. We do not hold weeks.

5. SPACE house packages include a private driver, private chef that cooks breakfast and dinner daily and housekeeper. Each house has a house manager to assist you with any problems or concerns

6. Mwasi SPACE Ghana houses are booked for Young Black and Global Study Abroad students during the Spring and Summer collegiate semesters, starting January 2023. Click here for more information.

7. During the Fall semester, or during times when the university is not in session (December 15-January 31st and May 15-August 31st); our SPACE homes can be booked through our registration system for private families and groups.