Letter from the Founder

Hello My Global Community,

Mwasi Global Community grew from my first effort to create alternative community space with the Black Freedom Colony, a temporary expatriation opportunity to Tulum, Mexico. People asked, “What is the Black Freedom Colony?” At the time I had no idea. It was an impulse to provide an alternative to the US amid our domestic racialized terror, mid-covid reality. Through experience and real time, the vision has shaped itself from a community to a movement.

The Mwasi Global Community is a collective of people of African descent, choosing to live outside the United States, temporarily and permanently, in community of other Black people and families, in an effort to rebuild our village, in pursuit of liberation. The ultimate goal is to create an emotionally safe space, to learn, unlearn, heal and re-build our futures together.

As we move forward with the Mwasi Global Community there are opportunities for one-week retreats and time in our co-living space. It is a moment to slow down, without distractions and grow closer to your family, your fellow participants and yourself within a community of support. Therapy, healing workshops, farming, cooking, exploring, and excursions are programmed over the journey. Together we relearn how community can positively function within our own values and principles.,