Osra Restaurant

In Marrakech, there exists the incredible ability to be immersed in multiple cultural settings at the same time. Here the beautiful stylings of Moroccan architecture intertwine with the rich beauty of the Islamic influence to create a scene fit for kings. In the midst of this elegance, we at Mwasi Global Community sought out to create a communal eating space that serves a culinary experience just as uniquely spectacular as the breathtaking views surrounding it. Thus, the team gave birth to Osra,(meaning family in Arabic), a world-class dining establishment within the Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center, that explores the inter-connectedness of Africa and the African Diaspora through cuisine. Here guests have the opportunity to experience the authentic, precise cultural flavors of several different peoples across the Pan-African palate. One can taste the robust spices of a Jamaican Curry Chicken, while also enjoying the zesty vibrancy that Senegalese jollof brings to the table all in one meal, and wash it down with one of our signature hand-crafted cocktails. At Osra our chefs have worked tirelessly to provide the best cuisine for our clientele. With combined technical experience cooking West African, Moroccan, Caribbean,  African-American and several other cultural cuisines, our chefs have concocted a revolutionary menu that truly brings out the best aspects of African cuisine around the world. This exceptional quality of the food pairs perfectly with our high-class service and hospitality, as our restaurant employees seek to please each and every guest that shares a meal with us. At Osra you can expect to experience the whole of Africa and its diaspora all from your dinner table.

Our retreats, short and long term stays all come with breakfast. Lunch by the pool and dinners can also be added to your package.