Community Principles

1. Black-centered. While ALL  are welcome into the global community it is important to understand that Mwasi is a Black-centered community. This simply means that Mwasi was created as a safe space for Black people where our experience is the core of the conversation. Our music, our taste, our cultures, and our healing and development is at the center of the overall experience and will not be stifled, omitted or repressed for the comfort of others. 

2. Inclusivity: we pride ourselves on being open to all – gender, sexuality, race. We do this by creating a safe environment to tap into your creativity and full self-expression



3.  Energy: we invite you to create the energy that you would love to experience and see around you that will enhance our thriving community.

4. Respect: it’s paramount to remember that we all have different backgrounds, practices, and points of view. All are welcomed and equal. We encourage growth through understanding and respectful discourse.

5. Exchange: We are always looking to what we can give and offer to the community, and how it translates into working with and/or helping others. In exchange we get what we give and sometimes more than we expected.

6. Support: from a place of love and empathy. Remembering we are all on different journeys, which adds to the vibrancy and flavor of the needs of the collective/community

7. Clean body. Clean energy: we pride ourselves on our cleanliness as a community.

8. Space: we invite you to respect personal boundaries and the space of others

9. Beingness: be you and be open. Prioritize happiness, a happy mind leads to a happy experience – for all. There is a richness in this land that is ready for you.

10. Ownership: There is much to experience and gain from your time here. We provide the backdrop, you are the artist of your experience