Healing & Restoration Center


Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center is an unsuspecting mecca of art and culture, nestled inside the walls of a beautiful green oasis. As a guest and/or resident within the Mwasi Global Community, you’ll be transported into our own peaceful sanctuary. The Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center is a magnificent 5 acre estate, full of trees, palms, flowers and nature. It is 15 minutes from the city center of Marrakesh, Morocco.  

The heartbeat of our retreat area currently houses 8 suites with ensuite bathrooms, an outside bar, swimming pool, restaurant, boutique, hammam and spa, sauna, a meditation walking trail, a turtle pond and an olive grove with over 350 olive trees.  The Center houses modern art and beautiful décor from all over the continent and is serviced by a warm and gracious staff that specializes in hospitality. The Healing and Restoration Center naturally promotes an engaging atmosphere for creatives and tourists from all over the world.

Mwasi Healing and Restoration center provides a space to be alone, be together, be in conversation, read, write, discuss and create. Calm and tranquility reign at Mwasi. Whether you come for a retreat, short or long-term stay you can enjoy curated meals, daily housekeeping service, space to breathe, relax, recover, and be inspired.