Mwasi Global Community hosts several intimate art workshops and art festivals annually.

Creatives give so much to the world, often receiving little in return, and the walls of Mwasi serves as a womb to nurture, inspire and feed them so they can recover, refuel and reset to continue offering the world their brilliance. Our goal is to pour into these creators with a space to explore their craft, develop their projects, and heal their souls and spirit.

POWER BLACK is the exact opposite of Black Power, which exists as resistance to white supremacy. In the space of POWER BLACK there is nothing to resist. We simply sit at the center of our own story and our own power. By doing so we have reclaimed wasted energy that can fuel our recovery and give us back time to explore our imagination, to shape our future.

POWER BLACK is a gathering of Black leaders, thinkers, and artists. Every single person is a star. It allows for the doers and change-makers a space to be fed and inspired. There is no energy drain because every single person is pouring in and sharing of their ideas, creativity, and gifts. POWER BLACK is not looking for a mythical past, while it is a body educated in what has happened, it does not sit within a framework of oppression, it is an active imagining in the present. What are we creating NOW