Black Freedom Colony


Are you interested in being a part of The Black Freedom Colony? Do you need a break from American life? Do you want to travel with your children? Break from feelings of race-based oppression and limitations? Do you want to re-imagine what community could look like for you and your family?

The Black Freedom Colony is a collective of African Diasporan people, choosing to live or travel outside the United States and the Caribbean, in a temporary expatriation, in community of other Black people and families, in an effort to rebuild our village, in pursuit of liberation. The ultimate goal is to create an emotionally safe space, to learn, unlearn, heal, imagine and re-build our futures together while exploring the world.

The Black Freedom Colony began in Tulum, Mexico as a temporary relocation during covid and racial uprising. 98 people including parents, children, and singles took over an entire apartment building in Mexico and lived together in community during a challenging time in world history. The Black Freedom Colony will continue as a Black Family

Travel Group with 1-2 trips per year at some destination through the world, with special focus on exploring Africa and a yearly reunion on our Mwasi property in Morocco.

Each year starting June 2024 Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center in Marrakesh, Morocco will host members of the Black Freedom Colony for a family reunion of sorts rooted in cultural exploration and healing. All the families that can participate stay at Mwasi for a period of 2 weeks at the end of June. It is a time to slow down, without distractions and grow closer to your family, your fellow participants, and yourself within a community of support. Therapy, healing workshops, farming, cooking, exploring, and excursions are programmed over the journey. Together we relearn how community can positively function within our own values and principles.

What is offered to the community?

Group Therapy
Group is mandatory for every member that joins the Black Freedom Colony once per week. The groups will be split by age and gender.

Group Intuitive Healing Sessions
Our goal is to grow as a community and support each other on our individual journeys. These sessions will explore many topics and aims to give us skills to assess, heal and communicate about our collective and personal challenges.

Individual Sessions
While the group sessions come free of charge to BFC, individual therapy and intuitive healing sessions will be made available at reduced rates.

Fitness Training
We are approaching wellness within the BFC holistically. We will encourage all members to take advantage of our group fitness programs.

Farm to Table Meals
Morocco offers an amazing opportunity to return to the earth for whole foods and delicious meals. Over 2 weeks we can address the necessity to change our diets from processed foods to whole foods for overall health and well-being.

Classes and Programming
We have prepared a curriculum for the families of the Black Freedom Colony. It is an opportunity for them to explore the history of Africa, of the African Diaspora, critical thinking, deconstruction of media, food justice and more. Over the course of the 2 weeks there will also be programmed tourism and adventure.