SPACE Tiny Home

While SPACE focuses on partnership home inventory around the world, The Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center will own and house the SPACE Tiny Home Community in Marrakesh, Morocco. The estate houses a 1 hector (2.5 acres) plot adjacent to the main villa where these 20 (40ft) time homes are being built, for people interested in simply scheduling in time for self-care, repatriation or living a dual continental life.

The Tiny Homes are being laid out in a high end, stylish format, surrounded by beautiful Moroccan architecture and landscaping. Each tiny home is decorated with a modern, clean but upscale global twist. These homes will be anchored in Moroccan aesthetic but accented with touches from all over Africa.

We have 100 Inaugural Member Shares being offered starting February 2022. Each Member Share will receive 40 weeks over a 10-year time period for $40,000 USD within our Mwasu Space Tiny Home Community. Each member will have 4 weeks per year to use themselves or to sell as an investment property. Our first Inaugural Member Shares will get a 1-week bonus to use as they wish giving them a total of 5 weeks per year. These tiny homes shares can be purchased for those wishing to be a part of our community and take advantage of our healing and daily programming as a vacation or yearly reprieve. We have also structured our member share for investors looking to use the property as residual revenue builder yielding up to an extra $60,000 net over 10 years.

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