The Ideal T. Barnes Traveler

As we continue to move throughout the world and make our presence known as the Traveling Diaspora, we realize you have hundreds of options to choose from as it relates to who you chose to travel with.

As we enter this new decade and this new culture of bridging the gap between the Nations of the world and the Diaspora, it is important to us as a company, as a brand, and as people, that we paint a clear and concise picture of what “Our Ideal Traveler” looks like.

Merriam-Webster define a “travel agent” as: a person engaged in selling, and arranging transportation, accommodations, tours, or trips for travelers. TaNesha Barnes is not a travel agent, and T. Barnes Global Travel is not a travel agency. “It is past time to recognize that borders between countries are simply a social construction. As humanity moves forward it will be more and more important to recognize ourselves as global citizens without boundaries physically or mentally. Those that are GLOBAL will move through the world as a bridge, a bridge to new experiences, to creating new ways of living together and recovering old ones.” – TaNesha Barnes

This is the spirit in which we travel. This is the experience that we are seeking to create each time the wheels lift off the ground and we face our next destination. If you are thinking of traveling on an upcoming T. Barnes Global Travel trip here are some things to consider;

1. Based on some of the countries that we travel to, a flexible and creative spirit is needed from your travel professional. There will be times when the location that we are visiting will create roadblocks that are normal life for them, but a hindrance to a visitor. In those moments, itineraries may need to be abandoned for the betterment of the experience. With the full understanding that as someone who knows the country, and the way it operates, a more suitable alternative should be explored.

2. In other occurrences, a better opportunity could present itself. Over the past years, The T. Barnes Global Lifestyle brand has been invited to speak, sit with, and represent leaders and countries all over the world. As a result, we have a wealth of connections throughout the Nations. If an opportunity arises to share space with a person or group of people that will no doubt enhance the experience, but also foster the culture of bridging the gap, changes will be made. We would rather introduce you to a US Embassy representative over dinner, than take you to a statue. There is nothing wrong with typical tourist activities and we highly encourage them and even offer suggestions for your down time, but again, this is not a travel agency whose focus is to provide you with picturesque selfie opportunities. This is a movement that strives to provide you with investment opportunities. Investment into different Nations, investment into different cultures, and schools of thought – and an investment into our communities both home and abroad.

3. The Ideal T. Barnes Traveler, is flexible and open minded. While we always offer detailed itineraries before and during our trips, our travelers understand that a new relationship built last night, could affect today’s plan. As a group we are moving you through these Nations in a fashion that most travelers do not get to experience.
The conversations are different, because the company is different – the company is different because our purpose is different.

4. The Ideal T. Barnes Traveler is moving throughout the world with us, with a spirit of openness and understanding. So often people forget that who you are is who you take out of the country. It is important to assess your energies prior to committing to a trip, with anyone. We create a spirit of unity and oneness as we move through these spaces. Our travelers understand that as humans we all are susceptible to other people’s energies and attitudes. Our Ideal T. Barnes Traveler
brings that spirit of unity and oneness to the group, and we nurture that throughout each day.

5. An Ideal T. Barnes Traveler is considerate of the Nation they are visiting and the people, religion, culture, and belief systems that exist outside of us. Because we often move through these Nations off the beaten path of an average tourist, it is important that our presence is one of respect and appreciation. Quality of life varies and many of us have yet to step outside of our bubble as Americans and experience another person’s quality of life. What we imagine as “lacking” or “missing” is often seen as unnecessary and frivolous to other people throughout the world. It’s important to remember that an empathetic spirit is not to be confused with a sympathetic one. It is also important to remember that there will be times when we move through spaces that are poverty stricken in every sense of the word, and those moments, more than any other, require our utmost respect and dignity as language used, attire, gestures, food, respect to religion, and humility are all things to consider when traveling on a T. Barnes Global Travel experience.

For some, this list may seem unnecessary and come as a given. For others, this style of language may be new to you as it relates to travel. This is not meant to deter people from joining us. In fact, it’s meant to intrigue those that have not considered the importance of these factors as well as those of you who already possess the characteristics that we require to move through nations with us. Make no mistake, this is a requirement that we ask of all our travelers. Our responsibility is to expose you to places in a way that no travel agency can or will. To put you shoulder to shoulder with people that you may not find accessible outside of our group. In turn, your responsibility is to be open, flexible, decent, curious, positive, empathetic, and humble as we bridge this gap.

These are the relationships we are building across the globe. We welcome you into this GLOBAL movement and look forward to traveling with you soon.
With Clarity and Intention,

T. Barnes
Mwasi Creative Community,
General Manager and Creative Director ( Morocco) Proprietor,
T. Barnes Global Lifestyle
US: 475-529-5120
Morocco: +212 0665851685